JUGmajster – brand new speakers wanted!

Attention, Java world! Once again, JDD attendees will select the best debutant speaker – JUGmajster. Note: the candidates come from local Java User Groups and appear on JDD stage for the first time!

At JDD we focus on creating a community-driven schedule – that is the origin of JUGmajster competition. Thanks to cooperation with Polish JUGs, great speakers from local communities get a chance to perform on a large stage, and we are able to deliver a truly relevant conference program.

How to become a JUGmajster?

Reach out to your JUG leader, who can nominate you as a candidate or apply yourself. Apply by sending an email at cfp@jdd.org.pl (“JUGmajster” in the title) – include your name, surname, phone number, topic & short description of the talk (plus recording if available), and name of your JUG.


1. The candidate must be an active member of the community and must have spoken at a JUG meeting at least once between JDD 2017 and JDD 2019.
2. The candidate was never a speaker at JDD (other conferences allowed).
3. One JUG can nominate more than one candidate.
4. If we receive a considerable amount of applications, the Program Committee will evaluate them and choose the final list of debutant speakers who will appear on stage at JDD 2019.
5. JUGmajster speakers have all the rights of regular speakers.
6. All JUGmajster talks will take place on the 1st day of the conference.
7. The winner of JUGmajster competition will be announced on the 2nd day of the conference.

Why being a JUGmajster pays off?

Have all the rights of a JDD speaker (recording of presentation available online, reimbursement of travel & accommodation costs, support from the Program Committee).

Grab the chance to become a specialist well-known to the whole Polish and neighboring Java community, and be recognized as an experienced, reputable Java expert.

The JUGmajster receives a Wild Card for 4Developers 2019 and a free ticket to a chosen local 4Developers edition.